The Bearish Engulfing  pattern is a two day trend reversal pattern.It  has one bullish candlestick and a bearish candlestick.
First day is a bullish candlestick and it can be a doji. It basically has a small real body.
Second day is a bearish candlestick with a large real body and is taller than the first day’s candle.
The open and high of the second day should be greater in price than the first day’s close and the second day’s close and low should be less than the first day’s opening price.

After an uptrend, a small bullish candle appears showing that bulls are unable to push prices much higher as they have been able to do previously. As a reminder, a small bullish candlestick shows bulls having less power compared to large bullish candlestick which shows bears having more power. Similarly, a large bearish candlestick that appears after an uptrend shows that bears are able to come back into the market and the bulls were unable or unwilling to stop this bearish assault. The longer the bearish candlestick is, the more powerful the bears were.

Psychology of this pattern is that the market  is in uptrend and bulls are in control until the first day. On the second day bears completely rejected bulls and pulled the price down which resulted in the change of trend from bullish to bearish i.e trend reversal. 

Practice Bearish Engulfing – Beginner