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How to use strategy tester in Tradingview ?

Did you know that charts will allow you to build & test your own strategies on any chart?
Follow the below steps to learn how to use the ‘strategy tester’.

1 Visit or open your desktop client and make sure you are logged in.
2 Open your chart.
3 Click on the ‘
Strategy Tester tab which is in the bottom navigation pane of your chart window.
4 Click on the ‘
Load your Strategy‘ button which will open a pop-up window.
5 Click on the Strategies tab ( just below the Indicators tab ) and you will see a list of existing strategies.
6 Click on any of the strategies and you will see the ‘chart’ has now up and down coloured arrow(s)
7 Click the top arrow on the pop window to close.
8 You ‘Strategy Tester’ will have Overview, Performance Summary and List of trades data which to help with your back testing on your chart.

TradingView Tips - Strategy Tester
Image: – Strategy Tester
Image: TradingView Tips - Load Startegy Tester Popup
Image: TradingView Tips – Load Strategy Tester Popup

#Pro tip: PineScript Editor Tab in the bottom nav tab will have the script which you can modify to create your own strategy and start testing on the historical data

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