Learn from the Pros: Join FinTorro’s Table at the IX Investor Show Traders’ Working Lunch

FinTorro hosting table in Traders Working Lunch at the IX Investor Show

FinTorro hosting table in Traders Working Lunch at the IX Investor Show



FinTorro is excited to host a table in Traders Working Lunch event at the IX Investor Show 2023.

This unique learning experience offers attendees the chance to engage in informal discussions with expert trading mentors in small groups of 10, providing a more intimate setting to learn about investing and trading.

The Traders’ Working Lunch aims to address common challenges faced by attendees at large events, such as the reluctance to ask questions in front of a large audience or the difficulty of connecting with all desired speakers.

By hosting a table, FinTorro offers an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and engage in meaningful discussions about financial markets, trading strategies, and investment tips.

Taking place in the Trader’s Theatre at the IX Investor Show 2023 from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm, attendees are encouraged to spend a maximum of 30 minutes with each mentor, allowing for ample time to connect with multiple experts during the event.

FinTorro’s table, number 17, will be where our team shares insights, tips, and knowledge about trading and investing in stocks, forex, and crypto. As a free education app and website, FinTorro aims to help people learn about investing and trading in a fun and effective manner powered by ChatGPT.

Fintorro.com offers bite-sized lessons, making complex financial topics easy to understand for everyone, regardless of financial background.

By participating in the Traders’ Working Lunch at the [X Investor Show, FinTorro hopes to connect with like-minded investors and traders, fostering a collaborative learning environment designed to inspire and educate.

We invite all attendees to join us at table 17 and look forward to engaging in valuable discussions about trading, investing, and financial markets at the IX Investor Show 2023.

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