Connect with FinTorro at IX Investor Show 2023: The Ultimate UK Event for Retail Investors & Traders

Are you an aspiring or experienced trader looking for the perfect opportunity to boost your trading knowledge and expand your network?
Look no further!

FinTorro is proud to announce that it will be an exhibitor and media partner at the IX Investor Show 2023.
The event offers a comprehensive line-up of key activities, speakers, and educational sessions, making it an unmissable opportunity for traders of all levels.

Join FinTorro as we explore the exciting world of financial investing and trading at the IX Investor Show 2023.

Key Activities and Events:

FinTorro at IX Investor Show April 2023 - 3

The IX Investor Show caters to traders from all walks of life. Whether you’re just starting or have years of experience, the event features activities designed to elevate your trading journey:

  1. Tom Hougaard’s Ideal Trader’s Mindset Programme: Discover the secrets behind the perfect trading mindset and learn from Tom Hougaard, a renowned trading expert.
  2. Active Trader Symposium: Gain insights from industry experts through power presentations and moderated Q&A sessions led by Ioannis Kantartzis.
  3. Traders’ Working Lunch: Engage in intimate discussions with trading mentors and fellow attendees over lunch, fostering valuable connections and knowledge exchange.
  4. Masterclasses: Enhance your trading skills with premium, limited-attendance classes taught by top-notch instructors on a variety of trading topics.
  5. Live Trading Sessions: Witness experts trading live, covering UK, European, and US indices, stocks, and currencies.
  6. Alex Ong’s Guide to Retiring Young, Early, and Wealthy: Learn about investment opportunities and strategies for wealth creation from the seasoned trader, Alex Ong.
  7. Exhibitor Hall: Meet companies offering tools and services to maximize your trading returns, including FinTorro, where you can interact with our founders and directors.
  8. Showcase Seminars: Choose from a range of seminars covering strategy lessons, technical and fundamental analysis, and risk management.
  9. Traders’ Theatre Special Presentations: Be inspired by live trading panels, symposiums, and presentations from industry leaders like Tom Hougaard, Steve Ward, David Paul, Alex Ong, and Michael Taylor.

Key Speakers at IX Investor Show 2023:

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Speakers at IX Investor Show 2022!

The IX Investor Show 2023 features an impressive line-up of industry-leading speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise with attendees. Some of the key speakers include:

  1. Tom Hougaard (TraderTom): A trading psychology expert with extensive experience in the financial markets.
  2. Alex Ong: Managing Director of a private investment fund and an expert in trading and investing.
  3. Steve Ward (Performance Edge Consultants): A specialist in high-performance trading psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science.
  4. David Paul (MD VectorVest UK): A seasoned trader with a background in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics.


The IX Investor Show 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience, offering unparalleled access to trading education, networking, and industry insights. FinTorro is thrilled to be a part of this prestigious event, and we invite you to join us in exploring the fascinating world of trading.

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See you there!

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