The Kicking Pattern is a two day reversal pattern. Day two candlestick starts an opposite trend to the previous one. 

A Bullish Kicking  Pattern happens to offer a downtrend. Day one candlestick  is bearish marabozu ( with no little to no upper or lower shadow) . Second day candlestick opens either with a gaps up or at same day1 price level and becomes A bullish marabozu (with little to no upper or lower shadow).

Kicking Pattern occurs when the price of the asset being traded  goes up significantly higher than  the closing price. Candlesticks are mostly marabozu’s.

Psychology of Bullish Inverted Hammer pattern is that on day one bears are completely in control. Day two gap up will indicate substantial change in market psychology with bulls taking control.

Same principle applies to Bearish Inverted Hammer where bears take control on day two.



Practice Kicking Pattern – Beginner

Practice Kicking Pattern – Intermediate

Practice Kicking Pattern – Advanced