Lifelong Learning is a continuous pursuit for acquiring knowledge for either personal or professional reasons  –  Commission of the European Communities

The Delors Report stressed on the importance of learning  over the course of a lifetime and also highlighted four pillars of learning. 
1 Learning to know.
2 Learning to do.
3 Learning to be.
4 Learning to live together

So how to be a Lifelong learner? 

FalconFunda team have put together a step by step approach and important actions you can take today  to begin your journey as a lifelong learner.

Step 1 : Identify your interests & passions and make a list.
:Use the
Princeton Review Career Quiz to identify your personal interests.

Step 2 : Identify your Learning goals for each of your interests / passions. Start with one interest /passion.
Action :  Use a SMART Objective framework to set yourself a learning goal. 

Step 3 : Find your learning style using VARK.
Action :Use Vark Questionnaire as a tool to discover your learning style.

Step 4 : Find online communities  to connect with people who have similar interest  / passion.
Action : Do Google search community + <name of your interest > keyword and look at the top 3 results. 

Step 5 : Find a website / app to Learn Fundamentals concepts of your interest / passion.
Action : Research and identify self-learning resources / tools. Choose one learning resource ( i.e Website or App ) and try to learn the fundamental / basic concepts of  your interest / passion.  

Step 6:  Develop Growth Mindset.
Action: Use the skills at every given opportunity, Be  Curious, Consume latest information in the area of interest on daily/ weekly basis through blogs, books / podcasts, news. Challenge your assumptions!

Step 7 : Maintain a Learning Logand keep updating on a regular basis – ideally daily / weekly basis.
Action :  Start capturing information into a document( Google Doc/ iPhone Notes/Microsoft Word ) on your phone or compute.

With you can  self-learn fundamental concepts of investing / trading in financial market(s).

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