The spinning top is a single day candlestick pattern.

A spinning top has a small real body i.e no difference between the open and close price of the security.  It shows that neither bulls nor the bears are in control. Multiple spinning tops may be a signal for upcoming trend reversal. 

Spinning Top at Bottom

Spinning Top at the Top


The psychology of Spinning top is that on the day of the spinning top the bulls sent the price higher and bears then sent the price lower which results in the asset price closing near where it opened. For security, If multiple days spinning top candlesticks are occurring after the previous uptrend then it might be a sign of consolidation and upcoming downtrend and vice-versa.

Spinning Top - Pyschology

High wave candlesticks are spinning tops with long upper and lower shadows.

High Wave Candle

Practice Spinning Top – Beginner

Practice Spinning Top – Intermediate

Practice Spinning Top – Advanced

Practice Spinning Top – Expert