TheThree black crows is a three day trend reversal pattern. 
This  happens after a uptrend and it has all bearish candlesticks which close near the lower price of that particular day. The open price of each of the candlestick should be with in the real body of the previous day’s candlestick

Three Black Crows Pattern -1 

Psychology of Three black crows  pattern is that during uptrend  one large bodied bearish candlestick on Day 1 indicates  that bears managed to keep the price of the security at low. This is repeated on Day 2 and Day 3. As Open, High, Low and close of these bearish  candlesticks are lower than the previous day’s candlesticks, it indicates the strength of bearish  momentum and signals that prices are moving down. 

Three Black Crows Psychology

Three Black Crows – Beginner

Three Black Crows – Intermediate

Three Black Crows – Advanced