A screener will help a trader to find securities with custom filters/criteria.

TradingView.com has Crypto screeners, Stock Screeners and Forex Screeners available for a trader to quickly apply filters and find securities of that specific type.
With a Stock screener, you will be able to compare Apple with Microsoft, With Crypto Ethereum with Bitcoin, for forex USD / GBP with USD / YEN.

Follow the below steps to find a list of all supported brokers for your country & connect :

1) Choose the type of securities ( Crypto, Forex, Stocks ) you want to find.
2) Go to the respective screener page ( quick links below ) on the TradingView website of the desktop app and make sure you are logged in.

3) See the available filter options available to the specific screener & click on the filter option you want to find securities. For example, for the Crypto screener, you will find below filter options Overview, Performance Oscillators Trend-Following

#Pro Tip: On the Tradingview Stock screener page, Click on the Globe icon ( 3rd left from far left Filters button ) to see and compare stocks from all 50 stock exchanges in the world.

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